Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December Life Update.

     December was a blur.  That's putting it mildly.  However, my favorite part of the year is just around the corner.  New Year's--fresh start, new beginnings, and a giant goal list.  2016 is going to be epic.  2015 was pretty impressive: moving to the farm of my dreams, the kid starting Kindergarten, a bit of art made, cows calving, etc. and so forth.

Here are a few watercolor and ink drawings I made for Christmas presents this year, they are always a lot of fun:
A Cat Named Pickles.

A Dog Named Millie.

A Horse for the Mother-in-law.
   The woods always provides with lots of nifty finds.  The kid especially liked this big ol' snail that was on some logs we were hauling in for the wood burner.

Snail on a six year old's thumb.

Then there was this nifty fungi on one of the logs.  So intricate and pretty.

Fungi Prettiness.

It's a shame my kid hates the woods so much.

She's a dandy in her sparkly boots.
     I also found a Ferguson (local artist) original in the thrift store this week for ten bucks.  The kid instantly swiped it for her room.
Thrift Store Score!
    Another awesome steal were these three school-sized (4'x8') blackboards.  They are magnetic and were in pretty crummy shape, but with my pocket knife and some WD-40 they look brand new.  Did I mention they were FREE.  I'm going to hang them up in the lower-building-soon-to-be-our-house.  One in my studio, one in the Joelee's room, and one in the living room.  There will be chalk-drawing mayhem everywhere.
Ultimate Free Find.

And with that I'm excited to see what the new year brings.  Hopefully lots of new artist interviews, and farm tales, and time for myself to make more artwork.  It's pretty exciting around here.