Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You just never know...

So, Joe was with me at the barn and was down in the goat pen with our LaMancha nanny. Well, the goat had just got done "pottying" and Joe came up behind her and pointed at the pellets on the ground. I explained that she'd "pottied" and that was what her's looked like. Well Joe was mesmerized. The best part was to come because Joe was standing right behind the poor girl and about five more pellets came out. Joe was smashed against the wall trying to avoid the manure, but at the same time her eyes were as big as saucers watching "where they were coming out of" if you know what I mean. Well now she's really interested and she followed the goat around for another five minutes pointing at her behind and saying "Poop?" I don't know if she was wanting the goat to go again or telling me that's where it came from. At any rate she learned a lot at the barn today, and I got a good laugh out of the whole ordeal.

Ah, life on the farm.

Name Game: Last Round.

For the last and final installment of "The Name Game" here on the farm, I have for you a buck rabbit. He is the father of the sister does and is a big softy. He's a dark dark gray with even darker points. He's very sweet and also very big. What should we call him?
On Saturday I'll announce the final names of all the animals and also announce the winners of free prints. Good luck.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Name Game Round 7.

I bought this little girl at the same time I bought the red buck. I picked her out first (hoping she was male), but knew that no matter what sex she was, she was coming home with me. She is absolutely pure red. She's got light cream circles around her eyes too. She's tamed down a lot these past few weeks, and doesn't mind being petted (again, it has to do with the daily clover feedings). She'll be heading out to a grazing pen shortly, so she won't have to be suspended in a wire cage much longer. Even though none of them seem to mind it, I hate having them cooped up in the barn, and like it much better when they are outside and eating grass. What shall we name her?I've got one more animal to name, a large buck rabbit, who I'll post about tomorrow. Stay tuned. On Friday I'll announce the winning names, and the lucky people getting free prints.

Good Night Everybody!

An Already Named Creature.

This is my newest acquired animal. She's a little Alpine doeling that I drove two hours north of here to pick up. She's a doll. Kind of shy, but she seems to like people. I've named her Liddy which was the name of the woman I bought her off of, and I thought it was a pretty name. She'll join my other two does when she gets a bit bigger. I wouldn't mind finding another similarly sized doeling to put with her, but I haven't found anymore in my price range.What do you think? I think she's a keeper.

Name Game Round 6.

This is a young buck rabbit. He's a New Zealand Red, and he'll be breeding the three sister does in a couple of months. He was really nervous when I first got him, and would bolt to the back of the cage at the mere sight of me, but since he's been getting clover morning and night, he's been greeting me at the door and letting me pet him a bit. He's a sandy red color with a bit of gray hair mixed in. And when he's hot his ears droop a bit at the tips. Alright, suggestions on names.

Name Game Round 5.

This girl is, by far, my favorite animal on the farm. She is the sweetest, calmest, loveliest creature you'll ever meet. Nothing bothers her, and she's always right at the gate to meet you. She's sweet to the young kids both goat and human forms, and she's also pregnant and due soon. She's a LaMancha like the buckling, so she has just nubbins for ears. So, what shall her name be?

Name Game Round 4.

This is my adult rabbit doe. She used to be meaner than a snake and growl at you the minute you opened the cage door. She's mellowed a lot with this litter. She is a lot less aggressive, but she is still not friendly. She's the momma to the three sister does. She's a pale gray, and a good momma. What should her name be?Here's a picture for 'aw' factor. These are what she produces. Aren't they absolutely too cute? They are about three weeks old.

Name Game Round 3

This is my Alpine Doe who is due in a few weeks. She's a bit shy, but once she gets to know you she's super friendly. She is also the goat who got stuck in the silo a few weeks ago. She hates dogs and gets antsy if there is something new going on. Tell me what to name her.
And don't forget, anybody who puts in a name is entered to win a free print from The Gallivanting Girl. More animals you attempt to name, more chances to win.

Name Game Round 2.

This round, you'll be naming a group of three. They are sister rabbits from the same litter. They were born in February. They are extremely sweet, and they love clover. I can't tell the gray rabbits apart, but when they go to their individual grazing pens I'll be able to keep them straight. I'm thinking trio names like ones that start with the same letter or famous trios. Something along those lines. Let's see what you come up with.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally a Free Moment.

Joe is down for a nap, and I can finally take a moment to catch up on here. Sorry for my absence. I've just been on the move for the past few weeks. Lots of changes, lots of driving, lots of excitement. Joe and I beat the heat by going to the lake a few times. She loved the water. We had another litter of rabbits, 9 kits, but one was a runt and was crowded out, so we've got 8 healthy babies now. My billy goat kid is growing like a weed and is getting mighty ornery. My two pregnant nannies are really beginning to show and are looking a bit miserable. I feel for them, being pregnant was hard on me too.

I got to go to a gallery show I was looking forward to for quite some time. It's a juried art show for Indiana Artists in Nashville, Indiana. Lots of beautiful paintings. I'd love to have a painting entered in it someday.

We butchered three buck rabbits this morning from my February litter. They dressed nicely and are now being chilled in the fridge before I package them for the freezer. It still makes me so proud that I can provide healthy meat for my family.

I also got a nice surprise a few days ago with a large order on Etsy. So, I packed it up and shipped it on Friday to Los Angeles, California. It may sound silly but when I sell my work to a person living (a) that far away, and (b) in a "Big" city it really makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere with my dreams and goals.

Well, I just wanted everybody to know that I'm still kicking. Sorry that I haven't caught back up on here. I will continue with the "Name Game" posts and somebody will get free prints. Just stay tuned.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.