Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amazing Etsy Artist --

Another shop that I find beautiful is The artist also has a blog at The works are unique and evoke lots of emotion which is something that always draws me to pieces. My favorite would have to be "Pole Orange" just for the pop of color that has been added to the vintage looking image. I also really enjoy "Souvenirs" for the soft colors and the simple beauty of the flowers. There are lots of other nice works at the shop, so please take a look. "Souvenirs"
"Pole Orange"

Amazing Etsy Artist --

The work in is a very nice shop that I stumbled across recently. The artist also has a website at and a blog at Her work is playful and unique. I especially enjoy her "Painted Ladies" series because of the imagination behind the compositions. Please check out her shop and see if there's something you'd like to decorate your house with. "Momentary Dream"

"Birds of a Feather"

Amazing Etsy Photographers --

Sorry it's been awhile since I've written, my daughter has been taking up most of my time. She's wonderful, and I tend to give up everything else and sit and love on her quite a bit. In order to start things back up again let's take a look at The photographs in his shop are diverse and very appealing. My favorite would have to be "We'll be fine here" because it reminds me of a dream with the darkened edges. Like you're seeing something straight out of his mind. Plus, the image itself fits in my life with the nice open pasture and the cattle. I also really like "Elephant Wishes" because you know there's a neat story about when and where that photo was taken. Please take a moment and look at his shop. There are also wooden toys and signs available there too. "We'll be fine here"

Monday, December 14, 2009

A bit of a family favor...

My cousin has helped created an e-book that fits in the theme of this blog. As you've read one of my goals is to bake a loaf of bread and although the book I'm talking about has to do with a bread machine the concept of bread making is there. So, with that, I'm going to put a shameless plug in for his website It sounds like a wonderful book that helps you to make the most of your bread machine with lots of recipes to try. You should check out the site if only to look at the free samples and if you like what you see, then buy the book. If you mention that you heard about it from this blog that'd be great too.

Oh and I'll be gone for a few days--I'm heading to Johnson County to visit with my grandpa and taking the little business partner with me. This will be her first real trip away from home, so wish us luck and for a safe return.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amazing Etsy Artist --

The shop is a wonderful collection of original paintings. The beautiful use of color and texture is what drew me to explore the shop. My favorite is "Abstract Landscape 2" which recently sold. I enjoyed the mostly muted canvas with the bright blips of color. The other two pieces that I've chosen to feature are also beautiful, but carry the bright color through the whole canvas which is also rather lovely. The artist has a website at if you'd like to take a look. "Reflections in a Pond"

"Cloudy Sky"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I can't believe it's December already.

I took this photo at dawn a couple of years ago
It doesn't seem possible that it's already the end of fall and winter is on its way--it was twenty-nine degrees this morning which doesn't make a girl want to rush out and feed the livestock let me tell you. I don't get to stay outside very long because Joelee isn't a big fan of being left alone. She's got a bit of a stuffy nose, so she's clingy today (actually she's sound asleep on my chest).
Thanksgiving was very good--lots of great food, and family from out of town. I haven't been near a computer to post anything, but I'll do better this week. I made a really tasty "Sweet Potato Bake" from a Farm Chicks recipe that I tweaked by adding ginger and honey. I'm going to try making "Pumpkin Flan" from a Martha Stewart recipe when I go visit my folks up north.
I've got another batch of etsy artists to feature, so check back for those.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Amazing Etsy Artist --

This artist has some amazing work in her shop Not only does she have some very nice prints of original ink drawings, but her abstract paintings and collages are also very striking. The "Peacock" print caught my eye because we used to have lots of them on the farm growing up and she caught the precise moment that they make their incredible yell perfectly. I also really enjoyed her painting "Undercity" for the colors and movement (it would be a wonderful piece to decorate a room around). There are numerous new paintings and other items in her shop since I've been there last and she's currently having a holiday sale. She has a website at as well. "Peacock"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hope for Sustainability--Article from Organic Gardening Magazine.

Image via Article
There was an article in "Organic Gardening" August-October 2008 talking about the attempt to change the current industrial food system. This is something I believe in very much. I want the family farm to have a fighting chance again. Although what I have would be considered a hobby farm (I have a variety of animals and produce mostly for my own consumption), I know lots of people who depend on their forty-some cows for their livelihood, and I have no problem with that. They aren't the cold hearted animal abusers that animal rights activists proclaim. They are just like you and me.

Even on Martha Stewart's television show yesterday they discussed sustainable agriculture. I'm a big advocate for supporting your local agriculture, and for raising your own food, but some of the things said on Martha Stewart got to me. She said lowering your consumption of red meat helped to reduce your carbon footprint because of the long distances that beef has to travel from farm to store--(wouldn't buying a half a beef from a local farmer do that too versus buying from the supermarket?) They said that the government supported small-scale, local agriculture and not the big, corporate farms which I don't believe for a minute. Also she made it out like organic and healthy foods are easily found everywhere. I know for a fact that in Greene County there isn't much selection when it comes to organic or naturally produced food products (I wish there were). In the summer there are some area farmer's markets, but I want more options. I know this new food movement will take time, but I'm afraid that it will be too little too late. I appreciate the fact that big celebrities are bringing the local agriculture issue to light, but at the same time some of the ignorant things that they say hurt our efforts more than help them. People that don't have a clue about agriculture or rural living shouldn't be allowed to say things as authorities on the subject (that's just my opinion).

Read the Organic Gardening article here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Self Reliance in the City--this is what I like to push.

(image via article)

This NY Times article talks about the fact that keeping a backyard flock of chickens has become pretty mainstream. Something that bugs me though are the people that are trying to get legislature to make it illegal to have chickens in cities--these are ignorant people--hens make great neighbors.

I won't be very quiet if somebody tries to tell me what I can and can't raise on my property. Sure, I live out in the country, but that might not always be true. I'm proud of people raising their own food. I know I feel much safer eating food I've raised versus the pre-packaged stuff in the grocery stores now that you can't identify half the ingredients in them. Ever since Joelee was in my belly I've been really conscious of what I was putting in my body. In the rural area where I live there isn't a lot of options as far as 'no preservatives' or 'healthy for you' foods. Even the produce is often-times in such a shape you wouldn't want to eat it.

I've started on the self-reliant path (chickens, a rabbit--soon to be rabbits, garden, orchard, etc.), and I want to start buying local instead of from big stores like Walmart. Learning how to trade and barter for the things I need, and selling the excess produce I grow at farmer's markets (that's my goal for next summer). I think it would be wise for more people to think about what would happen if the grocery stores shut down tomorrow. What would you do? I apparently am not the only person thinking this way being that the hatcheries can barely keep up with the orders coming in.

I'm glad the NY Times is featuring some pro-agriculture articles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Etsy Photographers --

The photography of is very lovely and caught my eye right away. The contrast of the illuminated spiderweb against the black background is very striking. Also the still image of the flying hummingbird is almost haunting. My favorite image, however, is "Clover Hay" because of the ominous looking clouds in the background (that's my favorite kind of weather). The artist has a blog at and what makes him even better is that he's located in Indiana just like me. 8 x 10 "Moonlit Residence"

8 x 10 "Hummingbird Series Self-Portrait"

8 x 10 "Clover Hay"

Amazing Etsy Artist --

Very beautiful pieces of art can be found at This shop is ran by a husband and wife team. She creates very eye-catching paintings of birds and butterflies, and he creates images of cameras and bikes. I especially like the paintings of the various birds such as the sparrow that I chose to feature. They have a blog at too. "Yellow Butterfly Painting"

"White Crowned Sparrow"
"OO OO - Vintage Camera Original Drawing"

Amazing Etsy Artist --

The etsy shop is home to some lovely paintings and drawings. The objects that she chooses to paint are often things that can be found around the house, but she turns them into beautiful specimens by focusing on every little detail--especially the highlights and shadows. The reflections in "Teapot" make it an instant favorite. Click over and see what you think. "Teapot"


Amazing Etsy Artist --

The most beautiful artwork I've ever seen comes from the shop Not only is the subject matter original, but it's so wonderfully portrayed that I want to have every one of their works in Joelee's nursery. Heck, I'd like to have them decorate all the walls in my house. This was by far the hardest so far in choosing just three to illustrate the post. You must go check out their shop for all the amazing pieces they have for sale. One of my favorites is "The Runaway" because of the softness of the image and just for the whimsy (which is the case for all the images), but most of all because I envy the fact that the guy is roping a giant amphibian. My second favorite is "Taking the Wall" because who wouldn't love a mouse jumping a rock wall on a turtle--what genius compositions. Also check out their website at
**Please note that they've taken their originals out of their shop for an art show, but if/when they put these works back in I'll put in links to those items in their shop. Until then, check out what else they have to offer.** "The Runaway"

"Taking the Wall"
"Crocodile and Carnation"

Amazing Etsy Artist --

The etsy shop caught my eye for the use of line in the work. As I've talked about before I really enjoy unexpected use of line to create form. This is especially true in this shop's work. "Agnes" is absolutely beautiful with her red hair and green dress. "Glare" is grotesque, but yet I'm drawn to it. "Community," which I think is my favorite of his work, has a lot to say and has a definite mood to it. He also has a website at, so I suggest checking it and the shop out as soon as you can."Agnes"

Amazing Etsy Artist --

I stumbled on the etsy shop recently. I like the quirkiness of prints like "The Staring Contest" and the sweet simplicity of "Octopus Love." The artist has a lot of originality in her work which I really like to see. Take a look for yourself. "The Staring Contest"
"Octopus Love"
"Hi There"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Amazing Etsy Artist --

I would love to decorate my whole house with the art from the shop There is such a draw for me to each of the pieces I've chosen to feature. The execution of the drawings is amazing--the detail and line work I'm truly envious of--and they are each a big inspiration to me. My favorite pieces in the shop are the ones featuring "19th Century Fish People." The quirkiness combined with the serious poses of the 'people' crack me up. My other favorite is "Feeding the Gargoyles" because of the beautiful use of each line drawn as well as the imaginative image itself. Please take a moment and look at his shop; I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazing Etsy Artist --

The art in the shop really caught my eye. The "Portrait of the TV Addict" is my favorite because of the wonderful line work in the piece. I also really enjoy "The Indigo Urchin" too; it's a very beautiful piece. The artist also has a website at, another etsy shop (which I'm sure I'll ask her to let me feature later) at, and a twitter account at If you like what you see here, you should see what else she has to offer."Portrait of the TV Addict""The Indigo Urchin"

"Feeling Disconnected"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby Joelee

My daughter turned three weeks old as of yesterday. She's been such a good baby, but she seems so much older than three weeks--she holds her head up, rolls over, and moves where she pleases. Plus, she looks like a little woman with all that hair.

1 week2 weeks 3 weeks