Thursday, December 18, 2008


My name is Julia. Gallivanting Girl was a nickname I acquired when I was sixteen and had first gotten my license. I’d feed the livestock in the morning and drive off into the great unknown to explore the countryside until I came home at dusk to feed again. This continued up until I graduated from high school. I can honestly say I’ve never been lost, but oh the stories I could tell you from the backroads of Indiana—and I’m sure I will because I have the habit of rambling, so you should stick around.

I’m a recent college graduate with a Fine Arts—Studio Concentration degree. Before that I earned a degree in Agribusiness. Now I’m officially not a student after nineteen years of being one. I’m starting my own business that combines my love of auctions, art, agriculture, and antiques into a mix that will make me happy. Essentially I’ll be selling my art and offering up auction finds online and at art festivals and fairs while I also attempt to keep track of my small farm.

How does a girl become this sort of person? How does she become such a complex jumble of interests? Well to start I had a childhood that could’ve been a fairytale. I was allowed to run free on my family’s farm which had every animal imaginable (peacocks, chickens, ducks, cattle, horses, guineas, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc.), and my artistic side came from watching my grandmother sketch horses on her napkin at the dinner table and my father drawing all sorts of contraptions on the computer. My grandparents bought and sold horses and other livestock during my childhood, so I got the opportunity to go to auctions at least once a week.
I was never told what I should do for a career, although my parents had hopes. My dad wanted me to be a marine biologist, which would be great, but I’m terrified of the ocean. My mom wanted me to be an author, which I have dreams of becoming someday. Alas, I think I always wanted to be an entrepreneur though. The idea of working for myself always appealed to me. At any rate, my artistic side was cultivated right next to my agriculture side in a way that would make it impossible to choose one side or the other.

My poor husband gets to go through this adventure of a life with me. He's so great and understanding and completely clueless to what he's in for next. I think he enjoys the unpredictability of it all. I'm hoping you guys do too.

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