Monday, February 9, 2009

If there was a book written about me what would the back panel say?

Never has there been a girl with dreams such as hers. Julia grew up on a small farm in Central Indiana to become one of the most well known artists in the United States. Among the livestock and her family she created a life all her own which she wrote about in the numerous books she penned over her lifetime (the most well known being "The Gallivanting Girl gets Grounded: Kids in the Compost Heap and Piglets in the Bathtub"). She attributes all her success to the love and support of her dear husband whom she married at the tender age of twenty-two. If you're looking for a book of inspiration mixed with hilarious real-life events, then this book is for you.

(at least that's what I'm hoping life will dole out for me)...a girl can dream!

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