Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm in Misery.

I know there should be daily posts of loveliness to read, but I can't do much of anything. My allergies have knocked me off my feet BIG TIME. Since I'm still feeding Joe my options are limited, so I've been going without any allergy meds at all. That makes me feel AWFUL. Watery eyes that feel like they are filled with sand, sneezing so much that I can't get a breath in between, lots of nose blowing, and just all around allergy-ridden. As soon as I can function properly again I promise I'll be back (first frost at the latest)--until then I'm going to be buried under a mountain of Kleenex. It really kind of stinks too because this weekend is the Worthington Yardsale and I could use some clothes for Joe, but unless I just breakdown and take a Benadryl then I don't see me getting to enjoy it. I can't stand fall--I'd like to, but every year I get hammered by the ragweed pollen to the point that it makes me physically ill. Not much fun. So be thinking of me while you're outside.
Have a great weekend everybody.

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