Thursday, October 6, 2011

Illustration Friday: Hibernate.

I sort of let this week get away from me, and I never got a chance to get a painting started, so I did something a bit different (for me) and did a pen and ink drawing on hardboard.  I thought about the various meanings of the word hibernate and one of them was "retreat into oneself," which I think all of us do (to an extent) in the winter.  We bundle up and brace ourselves for the weather seemingly making ourselves as small as possible.  That's what this image reminds me of.

"Hibernate." 5"x5" Graphite, Pen and Ink on Hardboard.
I will be putting this image up for sale in my shop.

I used a beautiful image for a visual reference.

The Sun Goes Down via 10 cent designer on Flickr.
The 10 Cent Designer has so many beautiful images to gawk at.  I highly suggest a trip to her flickr page.

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