Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Bit Of Artist Doubt Overwhelming Me.

Cattle at Huddard-Kivett farm, north of Martinsville by Frank M. Hohenberger, 1927. via.

I'm not sure what is bringing this on.  My camera is broken at the moment, so perhaps it's the fact that I haven't gotten to go out and take pictures for a bit.  Perhaps it's the fact that my shops have been a little quiet lately.  Perhaps it's because winter is setting in around here, and it's really not my favorite time of year.  Whatever it is, I'm a bit overcome with this sense of "Holy cow, am I really good enough to match wits with the likes of the other artists out there?  Am I worthy of calling myself an artist?"  I am sure this feeling will pass without much of a concern, but it is an annoying, gnawing feeling at the present.  I know I'm not alone, I know a lot of artists have this feeling come over them sometimes.  Just wish I could shake it.  I do believe I'll go run about the house dancing to some music with Hoot and that may help, if not it most definitely can't hurt either.

On a side note, I'm still swooning over the entire Frank M. Hohenberger Collection, if you couldn't tell.

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