Friday, November 1, 2013

Where I've been.

This past month has been a blur.  

I've been anxiously awaiting the birth of my heifers' calves (both of them are still heavy with calf, by the way).  This waiting period has entailed numerous trips to the barn each night to check and make sure they aren't in labor and needing my help.  I've not had more than a four hour span of sleep since the beginning of the month (the previous owners were rather vague about the possible calving dates).

My Brown Swiss Heifers
(soon to calve).

Another big event was my daughter's fourth birthday.  Seems like just yesterday I was gargantuanly pregnant and now I'm the mom to the coolest kid imaginable.

Taken with my iPhone--fog on Lake Lemon.
(I wish I would've had my camera).

And now it seems we've transitioned full-on into autumn.  I've got a lot of changes coming all at once.  My Uncles helped me buy a lot of art supplies at an auction that I'm looking forward to breaking into.  I've been researching digital cameras because mine is in need of an upgrade.  And I'm planning my new studio space (it's going to be HUGE, and that's super exciting).

I'll keep you updated.

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