Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spring has been epically wonderful on the new farm.

Our first spring on our new farm.  This time last year we were filled with anxiety and worry wondering if our old farm would ever sell in order for us to have this place that is beyond our wildest dreams.  I'm still pinching myself that 75 glorious acres are what I call home.  Here are a few updates: 

Delcy had a little bull calf, we named him Dudley.  She was an absolute dream to milk compared to Nanbert (who took to aiming at my skull and kicking her little heart out).  Now the calves are taking it all, and my milking stool is put away until Lola calves this month.

The chickens have settled in nicely--I had to go six months without home raised eggs...never again.

The walls are going up in the old Amish Hat Factory for our future home.  My bedroom will be directly across from my giant studio!  **Swoon**

This is the old farmhouse we are currently living in on the property.  It's about a hundred feet from the Amish Hat Factory building (which you can see a tiny bit of on the left).  I'm hoping to renovate this little cutie to house guests someday for art retreats and homesteading workshops.  The glass porch on the front is my favorite place to be.
The garden is coming along nicely.  Still have a few more plots to plant, but it all seems to be growing.
And it's that time of year.  The neighbor called for me to pick his blueberries for him to take to farmer's markets.  I picked for about five hours yesterday.  It's quite relaxing, truly, and I get to listen to amazing podcasts like "Art For Your Ear," "Garden Dine Love," "WTF," "The Moth," and lots more.  If you're looking for something to listen to while you work--definitely give these a listen.

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