Thursday, June 3, 2010

Food Websites and a New Horse.

So I finally found a horse to buy that has met all of my requirements: smallish, well broke, and most importantly in my price range (in other words cheap). She's a registered Quarter mare, and she's a beauty. I went and looked at her last night, rode her, and handed over the check. I'm picking her up tonight--Mike has to borrow a work truck since we sold our full-size pick-up before Joe was born. I'm really looking forward to having her here. It's been way too long since I've had a horse I could ride--plus I was pregnant all last year, so that kept me grounded too. Although I did sneak out around my four-or-five month mark and hopped on our ancient gelding for a bit (I got chewed out pretty bad for that).

Anyway, all that doesn't matter now because (insert excited little dance here), I've got a horse, I've got a horse, I've got a horse. I'm sharing her with my mother-in-law, but she doesn't intend to ride much. I sure do--I've told Mike that I get a half an hour of 'me' time each night to go ride. I've never asked for 'me' time since Joe has been born, and I'm cashing in my chips now. The best part about her is that she isn't Mike's horse--I know that sounds mean, but Mike has his way of riding and training and I have mine. I always felt a bit self-conscious when I was riding one of his horses because they just weren't mine. I had a mare when Mike and I were first dating and she and I got along great. Mike HATED her--and she felt the same about him, but she was my mare, so Mike didn't have a say in her daily matters. Just like I have no say in Mike's horses' goings-ons. It's kind of an unwritten law with us--everything else is shared except for our livestock. Odd I know, but it keeps us happy.

Here's my new mare!

On another topic entirely I've been obsessed with food lately. Cooking shows, websites, blogs, you name it and I'm there. I've been trying to get Mike to branch out in his eating endeavors, but he's worse than most five-year-olds about being a picky eater. I've inserted some new recipes into our meals with some success, and I'm going to continue to do so. I always think (after I've inhaled half my plate), "Man, I should've photographed this for the blog." But when I think of it--it's too late. Maybe I'll remember to do that from here on out and I'll do a little write up about how it tasted. I've got lots of recipes written and ready to try, so I'll have plenty to write about. Also I think I'll start sharing what I've found that potentially looks good--and where it came from--so you can possibly make it for your supper too. I'm reading all that stuff anyway, might as well let you benefit from it, right? Gotta go, Joe just woke up and so I've got to snap back into 'mommy-mode.' I hope everybody has a wonderful evening!

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