Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally a Free Moment.

Joe is down for a nap, and I can finally take a moment to catch up on here. Sorry for my absence. I've just been on the move for the past few weeks. Lots of changes, lots of driving, lots of excitement. Joe and I beat the heat by going to the lake a few times. She loved the water. We had another litter of rabbits, 9 kits, but one was a runt and was crowded out, so we've got 8 healthy babies now. My billy goat kid is growing like a weed and is getting mighty ornery. My two pregnant nannies are really beginning to show and are looking a bit miserable. I feel for them, being pregnant was hard on me too.

I got to go to a gallery show I was looking forward to for quite some time. It's a juried art show for Indiana Artists in Nashville, Indiana. Lots of beautiful paintings. I'd love to have a painting entered in it someday.

We butchered three buck rabbits this morning from my February litter. They dressed nicely and are now being chilled in the fridge before I package them for the freezer. It still makes me so proud that I can provide healthy meat for my family.

I also got a nice surprise a few days ago with a large order on Etsy. So, I packed it up and shipped it on Friday to Los Angeles, California. It may sound silly but when I sell my work to a person living (a) that far away, and (b) in a "Big" city it really makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere with my dreams and goals.

Well, I just wanted everybody to know that I'm still kicking. Sorry that I haven't caught back up on here. I will continue with the "Name Game" posts and somebody will get free prints. Just stay tuned.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

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