Monday, June 20, 2011

Name Game Round 7.

I bought this little girl at the same time I bought the red buck. I picked her out first (hoping she was male), but knew that no matter what sex she was, she was coming home with me. She is absolutely pure red. She's got light cream circles around her eyes too. She's tamed down a lot these past few weeks, and doesn't mind being petted (again, it has to do with the daily clover feedings). She'll be heading out to a grazing pen shortly, so she won't have to be suspended in a wire cage much longer. Even though none of them seem to mind it, I hate having them cooped up in the barn, and like it much better when they are outside and eating grass. What shall we name her?I've got one more animal to name, a large buck rabbit, who I'll post about tomorrow. Stay tuned. On Friday I'll announce the winning names, and the lucky people getting free prints.

Good Night Everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Ruby. I don't know if Joelee likes Max and Ruby--or if she's ever seen it, but Sophie just loves it.