Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where I've Been.

Life got very busy here on the farm.  One of our goats kidded triplets (below are pictures of Joe with each one).
Joelee with White Lamancha Buckling.

Joe with Black and Brown Lamancha Buckling.

Joelee with Brown and Black Doeling.
 Then we had two litters of rabbit kits born within six hours of one another.  Their eyes are just starting to open this week.  They are so cute when they prick their ears up at the sound of your voice.
Rabbit kits from our young grey doe and red buck.
Then my husband surprises Joe and me with a little freemartin heifer calf for Easter.  She was a bottle calf that his buddy had, so she's as tame as a dog.
I had to run in to get my camera.  I came back out to see this.  Not everyone has a calf looking in their backdoor. 
So, we've got a farm full at the moment.  I've still got two more goats that will be kidding in May, so the cuteness isn't over just yet.
Between the goats, rabbits, chickens, and calf Joe has lots of playmates.
I've always hoped that my kid would have the opportunity to be raised around livestock like I was when I was younger.  It's very heartwarming to see her so very happy.  She loves being a farmgirl.

So, hopefully things will be calming down a bit, and I can be a better blogger once again.

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