Monday, June 18, 2012

Nothing like a barnyard strip.

Holy cow, I was out opening a gate to let the horses out into the pasture this morning, and this horrible pain started radiating out of my upper thigh.  So what is a girl to do?  I kicked my boot off, undid my belt, and jerked my ever-loving leg out of the jeans.  There was a huge welt starting on my inner thigh from what I assume to be a wasp-sting.  Although the little darling was no where to be seen.

Two things:  (a) I'm very glad we don't have any neighbors, and that the barn was between me and the road.  (b) Wasp stings hurt more than any little tiny stinging insect should be able to inflict.

So please get a good laugh out of the image of my wasp-dance in the pasture this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. I feel your barnyard pain. I once got tapped on the, um, chest by the electric fence! Ha!

Julia Wright said...

My goodness, that makes my wasp sting seem pretty paltry. It feels better, but looks awful. I don't know why my skin reacted to it the way it did.