Friday, December 14, 2012

Obsessing: Printmaking.

I was lucky enough to take a semester of printmaking in college--over five years ago now, yeesh.  I loved the etching process, but there were a lot of other printmaking methods (monotypes, screenprinting, linocut, etc.) that we didn't get to try out.  All of a sudden, I'm wholly engrossed by the urge to get back into printmaking. 

Goldfish Test Print by yours truly from my college days.
This image is what really sparked the jump back in:
7 1/2" X 7" MONOTYPE, 2010
Something about the colors, and the detail in the trees, and especially the fact that it was a monotype just sucked me right in.  I looked at every image in her portfolio.  I wanted to go and build myself a press and cut some pieces of plexiglass and just never stop making art.

I then went on Flickr and searched for monotype and printmaking.  I found artists Jane Beharrell, Bonnie Murray, Andrea Starkey, and was even more inspired to want to delve into printmaking.

I've got a large machine press down at the barn, and there are plans to turn it into a printing press.  Those plans are about to be pushed to the front burner, because I'm about to burst with all the ideas I have in my head.  Sigh.  Here's hoping I get to play with some printmaking tools soon.  I want to make tons of monotypes, try my hand at woodcut block prints and linocutting, and perhaps a screenprint or two. 

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