Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow, Winter Farm Chores, and November.

This time last year I was teaching two first-time momma cows how to let me milk all while learning how to milk them.  It was quite the steep learning curve, but we all came out in good shape.  They'd both calved heifers (girl calves), and were doing a very good job raising them.  Fast forward and the calves are a year old, mommas are bred to a Hereford bull to have spring calves, and they are all out grazing in the woods lot tonight.  We hit a cold spell this past week here in Southern Indiana.  It is actually snowing as I type.  Farm chores take twice as long this time of year.  Ice is broken, fresh water is poured, and animals are checked over well while they eat their feed twice a day.  What normally takes all of a half an hour in the summer takes about two full hours in the winter.

Things are really heading quickly into the end of the year.  Doesn't seem possible, but I'm sure 2015 will be here in a blink of an eye.  The chores won't get easier until things thaw out next spring, but at least I have the hope that two more adorable calves will be here in about five months.

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