Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter is a Jerk.

Hello all!  So, we are stuck inside because the temps are currently about zero.  It is set to be below zero a few times over the next few days.  Yesterday wasn't bad.  We played outside in the snow, sledded, etc. Tuna tried to help Joe when she was making a snow angel in the pasture.

Joe in a fit of giggles.

Joe has been drawing a lot more lately.  The other day she drew an amazing bulldog, so I mounted it on a canvas and hung it on the wall.  She was thrilled.
Joe with her bulldog drawing.
I've been trying to get some daily practice in lately.  These fun floral studies have become rather common.  A nice distraction from the winter whiteness happening outside.  If you're interested in any of them, leave a comment here or on Instagram, and I will get back to you.  I'm planning on listing them on Etsy after they dry, but they seem to be selling well just from Facebook and Instagram (yay!!).

SOLD "Magenta" 6x8 inch on unstretched canvas.  Oil with knives.

Available.  "Old Fashioned Pink Roses." Oil on Unstretched Canvas 6x8 Inches. $50.

"Pinkie" 6x8 inch, Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas.  Available $45.

SOLD Blue Vased Pink Roses.  Oil with knives.

Available.  "Yellow Beauties" 6x8 Inch Oil on Unstretched Canvas. $50.

SOLD "Yellow and Purple" 6x8 Oil with knife.

Available. "Valentine's Day" 6x8 Oil with Knife on unstretched canvas. $50.

Available.  "Teal and Pink." 6x8 Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas. $45.
I'm working on a new Artist Interview that I'm really excited about--so keep your eyes peeled for that.  I've also got a playlist almost done with some fun tunes to dance to.  Stay warm, and be safe.

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