Thursday, April 2, 2009

Second Trimester and a Chance to Refocus

This is a painting I did of Rosie the Riveter
I always liked the slogan "We Can Do It!"
It helps remind me that
I can make this business, and
my dreams work as long as I keep moving forward.

Next week will push me into the second trimester--I'm already a third of the way through this pregnancy! With the end of my first trimester I'm hoping there will also be an end to the fatigue, nausea, and the overall blah feeling. I've got to get refocused and start moving forward again. I've sort of slowed to a snail's pace since I've gotten pregnant, but now that I'm feeling human again I've got to speed back up.

First, is getting out of this house and gallivanting to small towns and such like I said I was going to. Second, is to get more things listed on etsy, AND get my name out there for people to see. Third, is to continue to blog on here and let all of you know what I'm up to.

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