Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to Allergy Season.

Every year, around August 20, I become a sneezing, bleary-eyed mess even with allergy medicine. The culprit? Ragweed. And because I'm so very allergic to ragweed I become sensitive to every other scent and allergen in the air. Being pregnant this year I was worried about the effect of medicine on my little fetus. The doctor said I had a few options, gave me some samples, and home I went. Usually my belly is constantly moving with the baby's kicks and jumps, but after I took the allergy meds she stopped. Scared me to death. I decided if it was affecting her enough to change her movement it might be affecting her in some other way as well. I decided I'd rather be uncomfortable and feel her moving instead of comfortable but unsure if she was truly okay or not. allergy meds for me.

What does this mean for me? Well it means I sneeze A LOT during the day, but that I can smile every few minutes when I feel her move. I'm house-bound for the most part (although I do go out to feed the livestock with my husband's respirator that he uses when he tears out the walls in our house). I'd love to be out gallivanting and taking photos all day long, but instead I have been researching other blogs, artists, and people that I've found. That's going to be where my upcoming posts are going to come from. I'm going to write informative, mini-research paper-type posts that will be informative for all of you and that will be helpful in getting me ready for when I can get back out into the real world and interview people in person.

I was going to upload a photo from a previous gallivant, but blogger is giving me trouble today--maybe later I'll add one for spite. Oh how I wish I could be outside. I miss exploring the countryside. If I get too stir-crazy from being stuck inside I might crank up the Air Conditioning in my truck and venture out anyway. If I can find a nice rainy, stormy day when the allergens get knocked down from the air you can bet I'll be back on some dirt road finding the forgotten places that I love.

PS--only seven weeks left and I'll be due--seems like just yesterday I read that test and my life changed completely. Now my husband and I are anxiously awaiting the chance to meet this little rolling ball in my belly.

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