Monday, August 31, 2009

My To-Do List For This Week...

I've got lofty goals of things I want to accomplish this week--
  • Put the nursery back into some semblance of order.
  • Wash the newborn clothes and sort the rest of the baby stuff into totes for later.
  • Hang artwork and decorate the nursery.
  • Write out various posts in advance for this blog--starting with various etsy photographers that I admire--in order for them to okay the use of their work and what I have to say about them before it is posted.
  • Post every day this week.
  • Clean up the studio yet again--that room gets away from me so easily.
  • Finish up the two books that I'm on the brink of completing--The Sun is my Undoing and The Persian Pickle Club.
  • Photograph my printmaking pieces and list them on etsy.
  • Perhaps, maybe, hopefully, go see Julie & Julia.
  • Go down to Vincennes to visit with my previous professors and visit the stockyards and lurk around the library.
  • Write down some goals for me, this blog, and The Gallivanting Girl.

I want to make this blog a combination of Cold Antler meets Design Crush meets Yardsale Bloodbath meets Bloom, Grow, Love meets a travel blog unlike any other. Wish me luck and I'll do my best not to just relax and lay in my bed while my baby sucks all the energy from my bones--because believe me that always seems like the most appealing option for my daily activities.

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