Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lots of Goings-On...

First off, I had some pumpkins come ripe early, so I turned them into puree for some later season recipes I have high hopes for.
Fresh cut pumpkins from the patch.
Cutting and scraping out the innards.
Bucket of innards.
Finished Product.
Then my family and friends had a lovely baby shower for me at my house a few weekends ago. We had a wonderful time, but there was a lot of preparation beforehand, and by the time the party was over I was one tired pregnant woman. Of course directly after the shower our green beans were ready to can, so we've spent the last week putting all of them through the canner. We also processed some tomato juice too.
Then last Friday my husband and I were heading to town and went over the culvert bridge down our road and saw the fish below on the edge of the bridge. Incredible gar, huh? Somebody had apparently caught him and then left him to die on the bridge--quite sad really, but I found him so neat that I had to take a photo. Never know what you'll come across when you're riding around with me.
Other than that I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Only nine weeks left and I'll have a brand new life in my arms. It still seems so surreal. I have tons to do with the nursery still, but if that doesn't get done before she comes home it's not the end of the world because I figure she'll be right by my bedside for quite a bit anyhow.

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Congratulations and best wishes for your new little one and the Parents-to-be!
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Fantastic blog!
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