Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I can't believe it's December already.

I took this photo at dawn a couple of years ago
It doesn't seem possible that it's already the end of fall and winter is on its way--it was twenty-nine degrees this morning which doesn't make a girl want to rush out and feed the livestock let me tell you. I don't get to stay outside very long because Joelee isn't a big fan of being left alone. She's got a bit of a stuffy nose, so she's clingy today (actually she's sound asleep on my chest).
Thanksgiving was very good--lots of great food, and family from out of town. I haven't been near a computer to post anything, but I'll do better this week. I made a really tasty "Sweet Potato Bake" from a Farm Chicks recipe that I tweaked by adding ginger and honey. I'm going to try making "Pumpkin Flan" from a Martha Stewart recipe when I go visit my folks up north.
I've got another batch of etsy artists to feature, so check back for those.

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