Saturday, January 8, 2011

Compelling Compositions

"A former creative-writing student at Columbia, Janssen says the surest way to win her heart is to read to her in bed. 'I think that is so delicious,' she says. 'My dream is to find a guy who will actually make up stories for me, someone who can tell me a different bedtime story every night. I need to find the John Irving of my age.'" --Famke Janssen inerview in the June 2006 Best Life Magazine.

I am a quote-aholic, and I read way too many publications, subjects, and genres in a day to be normal. I found this quote and I could have easily written it. I didn't find that guy though. My husband won't read to me or make up stories, but it would be amazing if he would. That would be the epitome of perfect.

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