Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolutions.

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I've got a nice big list of resolutions. I love writing down goals; it's actually a guilty pleasure. I have multiple lists and I go back over them often to see what I've accomplished. Silly, sure, but I get a big sense of pride knowing my dreams are coming true. My biggest want for this year? Well, I want to get stronger. Pregnancy took a lot out of me (and added a lot to me I'm afraid), but I've vowed to get myself back to where I feel like myself. My weight is fine where it is now (I've been working my butt off for that), but now it comes down to toning and building some of my muscle back.

Another resolution is to take my camera with me everywhere. I have a really bad habit of coming across perfect potential photos when I'm sans-camera. I was really bad about only taking my camera with me on scheduled gallivants, but this year I'm going to not only take my camera with me everywhere, but take tons more photos too.

I also have made a resolution to sell my work at a minimum of three festivals, learn a new skill, enter projects at our county fair again, plant a decent garden, write (not mattering what or how much, just write), go to five (new to me) auctions, try a new recipe a week, and quite a few more that I won't bore you with. I highly suggest, if you have a free moment, to grab a piece of paper and jot down a few resolutions of your own. It might just spur you to complete one or two of them.

Happy Belated New Year.

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