Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Newest Sale in Both Shops:

My husband doesn't read this blog.  That's perfectly okay with me.  It actually makes this surprise a lot easier for me to manage.  You see, he's been working so hard on getting our house put back together (this renovation has lasted many years and for the first time in our relationship we have walls, floors, and ceilings in our home), and I think he deserves such a big thank you. 
That's where all of you come in.  You'd be doing a great service if you'd take advantage of the really super sale I've got going in both of my shops.  The Gallivanting Girl, and Julia Wright Art.  You get the savings and I get the money to save up to buy Mike a wonderful birthday present:  a flat screen tv to put above our fireplace (the size of which will be determined by the money earned, ha).

Also depending on how the sales go, if we reach 200 sales I am going to do a giveaway by drawing a name from the people who have bought from the shop during the sale period.  So, see you could win stuff too.  That's a pretty good deal.  Prices start at $3.00 (for a wallet size which you can find a listing for in the custom section in the photography shop).  Christmas is coming up, so stock up now on some great art at great prices.

Okay, end of sales pitch.  And thanks in advance! 

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