Friday, January 11, 2013

The Bad Weather Theory.

The Worse the Weather, the More Trouble You'll Find.
Don't let the innocent look deceive you--she's obnoxious.
I had a funny episode out in the barnyard last night.  It was almost dark and I went out to feed.  Our heifer calf (she weighs about 650# now) was bawling and I spotted her in a pasture out behind the barn (she wasn't supposed to be there).  I trudged out into her pasture (where she was supposed to be) in muck boots and a maglite.  I couldn't find any place where she'd broken through and she was on the other side of the fence dancing and carrying on because she was so happy to see me.  I had to walk clear around into the horse lot (we've got two; a blind-in-one-eye gelding that spooks at everything and a mildly neurotic mare).  I shooed them out of the way because I was going to have to bring the heifer through their lot to get her back where she belonged.  It is officially really raining at this point, and dark.  I open the gate, in runs the heifer.  At the sight of the horses, the heifer became as giddy as a puppy thinking she'd found her long lost soul mates.  At the sight of the heifer, the horses thought she was the Angel of Death out to kill them both.  They snorted and took off running to the north side of the property with her chasing them (I thought great they'll go right through the fence), but no, the heifer stopped, noticed the light beam from my maglite, and turned toward me.  Apparently, she's part cat and she started bellering and jumping around me and "attacking" the light.  I couldn't get her to go into the barn for anything.  I finally went and got a bucket of feed and waded through foot deep mud to persuade her to follow me.  After almost an hour of this she went back to where she came from, the horses calmed down enough I could separate them and feed them, I took care of the rabbits and the barn cat and went back to the house.  After I got my pjs on, I realized I'd left the barn light on, so I made a fashion statement with my muck boots and cropped yoga pants to go turn it back off.  Never a dull moment.

It is a given though--thunderstorms, ice, blizzards.  These will be the chosen times your livestock will get loose, sick, or give birth.  It's scientifically proven.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Michele said...

I know it's wrong but this did make me laugh...! I hope it's funny for you now, even if it wasn't at the time! Hope your weekend is more peaceful :-)

Julia Wright said...

It was funny at the time. I've been through this kind of stuff every day of my life. I could write a book, ha. It's fun, and most often I don't get hurt, so it's a win-win.

scruggers said...

I just found your blog and started reading...this is hilarious and I love the artist highlights you are doing :)

Julia Wright said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Stuff like that happens all the time around here, so it seems.