Thursday, January 10, 2013

Craigslist Cravings: Nifty Bedframe.

I really like the look of the bedframe.  Big, chunky, rustic.  The headboard needs to be a bit different for my taste, but I wonder if I could craft a similar frame for myself, and add a chunky headboard to match.
Via Orange County Craigslist.


Michele said...

I agree with you - the headboard isn't quite right, but the rustic legs and base are beautiful - thanks for sharing :-)

Anne said...

Yep, a headbord would make it a bit more balanced. But I do love that wood! Where did you get your bed?

Julia Wright said...

Anne, I wish I had this bedframe. Somebody on Craigslist is building and selling them. See if the link is still good under the photo. I do think I'll try making one just like it someday, though (with a different headboard).