Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busy, Busy Day...

I'm still working on my photographer's posts--I've got a list of about ten (and believe me there's a lot more to come after that ten) of photographers who've caught my eye on etsy. I'll continue to work on them and will probably have the first one ready to post by Friday. I'm really excited about getting to contact these amazing artists and show them all to you.

Other than working on those, I've been working on the nursery--I've got the furniture I painted put back together. I'd like to get some shelves on the wall and the tons of artwork that I want to mat and frame and get ready to hang needs to be sorted. Only seven weeks--not much time--but I couldn't be any more excited about this baby and becoming a mom and my husband becoming a dad.

Blogger for some reason still won't let me upload my photographs off of my computer--hopefully that straightens up soon enough.

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