Monday, February 1, 2010

Amazing Etsy Photographer --

I like the way the photographs in the shop make me feel. They are like a slide show from a vacation I never took, but would love to someday. Of memories I've never had, but that are somehow familiar. The artist does a good job at narrowing our focus onto details. He makes us look at things harder, and longer than we perhaps would if he didn't call our attention there. "The Plymouth--Part II," for example, shows us that there is beauty in a decaying car, and "The Beautiful Depression" shows that there is beauty underfoot. I like to take the time to actually be in my surroundings, and see what I might overlook if I was to be too busy. This mindset is what his shop reminds me of. I wish the artist had a blog because I bet I'd like what he had to say, plus if he posted photos like these it would be lovely to look at too.

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