Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amazing Etsy Photographer --

There is such a variety of subjects in the photographs in the shop Everything from landscapes, to food, to animals, and I found quite a few that I really like. As always I narrowed them down to three to feature here. My easy favorite is "The Washing Line" for the composition's eye lines and softness of focus. I also like the composition of "Cows" because it strikes me as beautiful--perhaps for the pretty clouds, or the softly rolling pasture, or the quiet stand of trees, or the sweet little grouping of calves. I'm going to say that it is the mixture of all of these--it'd be a perfect scene that I'd stop to photograph when I'm out gallivanting, so I think that's what attracts me to that particular image. To see the rest of this artist's work you should go look at her shop. She also has a blog at

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