Monday, May 24, 2010

After a Visit to my Hometown.

I went up to my hometown to visit my folks two weeks ago and came home with the remaining four of my grandfather's peafowl. He decided it'd be better for me to take them home and turn them out than for them to be kept in their cage at his farm any longer. He's got Fox Terriers and they just would love to get ahold of the birds and so he's always keeping them locked up. So I agreed I'd take them home. Also while I was there Joe decided to take to standing against the couch all by herself. She is really getting the hang of standing now. I say in a couple of weeks she'll be walking.
The Pied Peacock
The Peahen

The Pied Peacock again.
Joe being a big girl.
These peacocks were raised by me a couple of years ago--I originally bought 10--five whites, two pieds, and three blues as day-old chicks at Dinky's. Quite a few died after the trip to Grandpa's--a couple got out and were eaten by the dogs, a couple got sick, etc--and all that were left were four birds to reach adulthood. One pied male, one blue male, one 'blue' female, and a white male. My dad and I caught them and stuffed them into a cage (no easy feat) and they were placed in the back of my truck for the long haul home. I got complemented on them by four different people by the time I made it back to Worthington. I placed them in the outdoor portion of the coop to let them have a few days to settle before I would turn them loose.
Fast forward a couple of days and I opened the coop doors so they could venture outside--nobody budged. I eventually had to forcibly make them go outside and they proceeded to fly to four different trees on the property. They called to one another the rest of the afternoon--which let me tell you is quite a fuss, but they seemed to calm down that night. The next couple of days they stayed close and did great, but on day three they just started heading for the road and walked single-file to the west. I know they are still in the general vicinity, but as far as them staying on our property--I think it's a lost cause. Oh well--it's a better life for them than being stuck in a small pen all day, right?
Oh, and if anyone asks you about peacocks roaming Western Greene County--you know nothing about it, okay? Ha. Just another day in the life of me.

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