Monday, May 3, 2010

A Semi-Good Cook Wanting More.

This is my kitchen--for what it's worth--it's under construction (as you can see by the unfinished drywall), but I use it every day. I make a lot of simple recipes for my family--meatloaf, casseroles, roasts, etc--but I want to branch out. I want to make souffles, breads, cheeses, and multi-course meals. I'm talking good, home-cooked, from scratch meals. I do pretty good as it is, but I want to do MORE. Bring stuff in from the garden for supper every night, instead of just some days. I (on more than one occasion) have had to run to the coop for eggs while I'm cooking because I'm out of them in the fridge--that's a good feeling. To know that I won't have to run to the store for something because it's being produced on my own property.

I read a lot of food-blogs. They all have amazing looking recipes that I print out all hopeful-like and then I go back to making 'safe' recipes. That's mostly because of my picky husband. I've made a vow to myself though--he's not going to like it--but I'm going to start making them. Even if it just amounts to a new recipe every week or so--it'd still be wonderful.

And...(this is a big 'someday-way-down-the-road' and) I want to have big shin-digs here where all the food catering them comes from the property. I'd show off the house (because it would finally be finished), and we'd have a nice outdoor theme maybe with a movie projected on the barn or a bonfire to sit around.

At any rate--my kitchen is going to get a lot more use coming its way--I'll be sure to post any recipes I try--and even some I'd really like to try--and let you know how all that works out.

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