Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Artistic Moment of the Week.

This is a photograph by John Drysdale. If you've never heard of him be sure to look him up. My mom gave me a book of his photographs entitled, "Our Peaceable Kingdom," and I was so jealous of his children getting to grow up with all of the wild animals (elephants, hippos, kangaroos, etc.). This picture, though, could've came from my house. I trained my first calf to ride when I was only 5, so riding a sheep would've been a piece of cake for me. It looks like they are having a blast, and I hope Joe gets to have that kind of childhood. I'm trying my best to ensure it. She gets to go out and feed the livestock every morning. So far her favorites are the goats, the rabbits, and one particular barn cat, but I'm sure the list will grow as she gets older.

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