Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Doula for Goats.

My girls are PREGNANT as they can be. They should be due any day, and they are miserable. They are also extremely moody. I go down to the barn multiple times during the day and night hoping that when I do there will be a goat laying down and pushing, but alas all I seem to find are two grumpy, uncomfortable goats. At lunchtime I went and sat in their pen (which is a common place to find me), and the LaMancha (pictured above) proceeded to use me as a human rubbing post. Her sides must itch because she all but crushes me as she goes by anymore leaning with her full weight against my legs or arms or back. Then she and the Alpine proceeded to fight over my attention, and I try to divide my scratchings equally, but neither wants me to touch the other one. Kind of makes a girl feel important.

I feel sorry for them being so uncomfortable (I've been there, I know), so I sit with them in the evenings (the LaMancha usually comes and lays down beside me), and I pet her and talk to her and watch the sun go down. It's really relaxing (for all of us I think). I even had a cottontail rabbit come within a foot of us a few nights ago.

So, just call me Doula until these girls give birth because I seem to be their favorite person these days, and hopefully I'll get to see their little ones come into this world. That would be really neat.

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