Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Couple Gallivants to Mention.

Two weekends ago, my best friend since forever ago (Margie) and I kept up our annual tradition of Birthday Gallivants and hauled my daughter along for the ride. She doesn't ever seem to mind.Nobody has a cooler kid than me.
We ended up in Leavenworth, Indiana. An itty-bitty town next to the Ohio River. Joe was itching to get out for a bit and so were Margie and I.
We took a posed-corny 'town sign' picture.
They had a really neat antique store with these giant jacks (I'll try to look it up and see if I can find an example on the internet), but I WILL go back and buy one someday. The owner gave Joe a little cheap-o ring that she talked about ALL the way home along with a marble that I bought at the Stephenson's General Store.
This General Store was wonderful. We had ice cream cones and it looked like they had incredible food for lunch. There was all sorts of stuff to buy, but I didn't bring any spending money. Overall it was a nifty gallivant, but we need to go on a birthday gallivant for my birthday soon.

Last weekend my mom and I went down to retrieve my camera (because Margie accidentally took both of our cameras with her when I dropped her off). So, after I had my camera back we drove around a bit before coming home.
Got a GREAT photo of a windmill to add to my shop.
And these triplet fawns were 'stuck' in a pasture and were separated from their momma. They bleated and ran and bleated and ran. It was really something to see. They were about the size of a dog. I've never seen triplets before. Pretty cool.

So gallivanting as always has produced some memories.

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