Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Does a Farmgirl Go Girly?

Is this what it would look like?
Tory Burch boots
Tory Burch Trigg Lace-Up Leather Boots Via Polyvore.
I've always been a tomboy.  Not out of an outright hate of fashion, more like a fear.  No one has ever shown me how to put on make-up and if more is asked of my hair than a ponytail or bun I'm helpless.  I want to be girly sometimes though.  I want to buy clothes that make my husband stop and actually notice me.  At the moment my wardrobe consists of ill-fitting blue jeans, ratty t-shirts, men's snap up shirts, and workboots.  Sad but true. 

I bought a cute little dress a while back, but I have yet to wear it.  I promised myself a make-over when I shed these last ten pounds.  I want jeans that actually fit, and nice blouses to wear when I'm not at the barn or painting (which isn't very often).  But I would like to dress up for my husband before he gets home from work.  Call me June Cleaver I guess.  I just want to start trying.  I feel great about myself and my life, and I want my outward appearance to reflect that. 

I just need someone to take my hand and show me how to put together an outfit, and give me some style pointers.  Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Oh oh Me Me! I love this kind of thing. I think you should go to, and and just start looking through the looks people put together. Obviously, you can't buy every look that strikes your fancy, but at least you can start piecing together a personal style. Then when you think you have an idea of what you need to create a good wardrobe, take some pictures of what you're looking for to the store with you. I am a thrift store fanatic, but I love browsing H&M, Forever 21, TJ Maxx & UAL (which you'd have to visit me to shop at) to get the new things. Because sometimes, new is in fact better. But you should start with a kick ass pair of jeans. I know I feel better when I have on jeans that fit. I'll be home for an extended Thanksgiving break (Wednesday - Sunday) if you want to go shopping!


Julia Wright said...

Joy, it would be a blast shopping with you. I am familiar with Polyvore and Pinterest. I watch a lot of "What Not To Wear," and I like the look of 'put together' women, but I have a hard time putting outfits together myself. My makeover is going to be on a "Goodwill" budget, but I've gotten lucky in the past with the Bloomington Goodwills having high-end all-but-new clothes. My jeans are just hanging on me now (which is excellent, but droopy butt isn't attractive), so I'm looking forward to getting some smaller ones. I'm a bit leary of Black Friday and crowds, but hopefully we can meet up and you can play dress-up with me during your visit!