Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Etsy Artist --

The most beautiful artwork I've ever seen comes from the shop Not only is the subject matter original, but it's so wonderfully portrayed that I want to have every one of their works in Joelee's nursery. Heck, I'd like to have them decorate all the walls in my house. This was by far the hardest so far in choosing just three to illustrate the post. You must go check out their shop for all the amazing pieces they have for sale. One of my favorites is "The Runaway" because of the softness of the image and just for the whimsy (which is the case for all the images), but most of all because I envy the fact that the guy is roping a giant amphibian. My second favorite is "Taking the Wall" because who wouldn't love a mouse jumping a rock wall on a turtle--what genius compositions. Also check out their website at
**Please note that they've taken their originals out of their shop for an art show, but if/when they put these works back in I'll put in links to those items in their shop. Until then, check out what else they have to offer.** "The Runaway"

"Taking the Wall"
"Crocodile and Carnation"

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