Thursday, November 19, 2009

Self Reliance in the City--this is what I like to push.

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This NY Times article talks about the fact that keeping a backyard flock of chickens has become pretty mainstream. Something that bugs me though are the people that are trying to get legislature to make it illegal to have chickens in cities--these are ignorant people--hens make great neighbors.

I won't be very quiet if somebody tries to tell me what I can and can't raise on my property. Sure, I live out in the country, but that might not always be true. I'm proud of people raising their own food. I know I feel much safer eating food I've raised versus the pre-packaged stuff in the grocery stores now that you can't identify half the ingredients in them. Ever since Joelee was in my belly I've been really conscious of what I was putting in my body. In the rural area where I live there isn't a lot of options as far as 'no preservatives' or 'healthy for you' foods. Even the produce is often-times in such a shape you wouldn't want to eat it.

I've started on the self-reliant path (chickens, a rabbit--soon to be rabbits, garden, orchard, etc.), and I want to start buying local instead of from big stores like Walmart. Learning how to trade and barter for the things I need, and selling the excess produce I grow at farmer's markets (that's my goal for next summer). I think it would be wise for more people to think about what would happen if the grocery stores shut down tomorrow. What would you do? I apparently am not the only person thinking this way being that the hatcheries can barely keep up with the orders coming in.

I'm glad the NY Times is featuring some pro-agriculture articles.

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