Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amazing Etsy Photographers --

The photography of is very lovely and caught my eye right away. The contrast of the illuminated spiderweb against the black background is very striking. Also the still image of the flying hummingbird is almost haunting. My favorite image, however, is "Clover Hay" because of the ominous looking clouds in the background (that's my favorite kind of weather). The artist has a blog at and what makes him even better is that he's located in Indiana just like me. 8 x 10 "Moonlit Residence"

8 x 10 "Hummingbird Series Self-Portrait"

8 x 10 "Clover Hay"

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Dan Felstead said...

Gallivanting girl....thank you so much for mentioning my ETSY shop and Blog. I appreciate your kind words and for taking the time to show some of my photos.

Have a great weekend!