Friday, November 20, 2009

Hope for Sustainability--Article from Organic Gardening Magazine.

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There was an article in "Organic Gardening" August-October 2008 talking about the attempt to change the current industrial food system. This is something I believe in very much. I want the family farm to have a fighting chance again. Although what I have would be considered a hobby farm (I have a variety of animals and produce mostly for my own consumption), I know lots of people who depend on their forty-some cows for their livelihood, and I have no problem with that. They aren't the cold hearted animal abusers that animal rights activists proclaim. They are just like you and me.

Even on Martha Stewart's television show yesterday they discussed sustainable agriculture. I'm a big advocate for supporting your local agriculture, and for raising your own food, but some of the things said on Martha Stewart got to me. She said lowering your consumption of red meat helped to reduce your carbon footprint because of the long distances that beef has to travel from farm to store--(wouldn't buying a half a beef from a local farmer do that too versus buying from the supermarket?) They said that the government supported small-scale, local agriculture and not the big, corporate farms which I don't believe for a minute. Also she made it out like organic and healthy foods are easily found everywhere. I know for a fact that in Greene County there isn't much selection when it comes to organic or naturally produced food products (I wish there were). In the summer there are some area farmer's markets, but I want more options. I know this new food movement will take time, but I'm afraid that it will be too little too late. I appreciate the fact that big celebrities are bringing the local agriculture issue to light, but at the same time some of the ignorant things that they say hurt our efforts more than help them. People that don't have a clue about agriculture or rural living shouldn't be allowed to say things as authorities on the subject (that's just my opinion).

Read the Organic Gardening article here.

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