Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Real Gallivant and a Clarification.

On Monday I went on the first gallivant of the season--it was much needed: beautiful day, windows down, sun shining, a smiling six-month-old by my side--makes a girl forget about winter. We found lots of neat sights, and we didn't venture too far from home--so that makes me excited for what else we might find when we go out a bit further. I'm still going slow with Joe--I don't want her to absolutely hate riding in the truck--then where will we be? These are all photos from Monday, unedited (much to my dismay I uploaded them and apparently there was a speck on the lens--nothing photoshop won't fix). Gotta love pastured pigs--boy do they root.
All of the trees were blooming and everything was green!
Hereford cows soaking up the sun.
Lovely rusted barn.
On a completely different topic--I was verbally attacked recently about my 'hippie beliefs' which a) I find hilarious because I'm anything but a hippie, and b) felt was extremely unwarranted. Apparently the person in question is a die-hard modern farmer; ie, thousands of acres and hundreds of cows. That's his choice and I have no problem with that. I, on the other hand, am more of a traditionalist is all--small family farms are more my speed. He claimed that organics are not what they claim to be--and honestly I'll agree to that--a lot of products stick an organic label on and raise the price by 100%, but I'm not certified organic--so that jab wasn't useful either. I do believe that the livestock I raise is my ideal--that's all I believe. I'd rather have meat and eggs from my animals because I know exactly what kind of feed and such went into them. It's just that simple. I think consumers would feel better if they know the farmer their food is raised by. I'm not saying that conventional agriculture is the devil--far from it. I think there are some producers that give conventional agriculture a bad name--just like there are some producers that give non-conventional agriculture a bad name. Every side has flaws and faults, but most are too proud to recognize them. Sorry if I came across as anything otherwise.

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