Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Potential Rabbit Kits and My Silly Daughter.

She's a Goober.
I dropped our rabbit off at the buck's house--I'll pick her up tomorrow. I'm hoping she takes and in a few weeks we'll be welcomed by a nice batch of kits. Joe and I went and checked the buck out earlier today and when we pulled into the driveway there were St. Bernards everywhere--in other words--my heaven. The owner raises them, and has a couple of rabbits as pets--one of them being the buck I'm using for a stud. Her daughter was very sweet and talked to Joe and I about the 'real rabbits' she had. She also had a 'real volleybally,' so apparently everything had to have 'real' in front of it.
They had one St. Bernard that was "Ooof"-ing at us (in a friendly way--not in a Kujo sort of way) and Joe started to 'bark' back at her and then decided it was very funny and laughed until we left.
At any rate it was an amazing day. I love my little business partner--she makes the most mundane things so much fun.

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