Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living with Livestock

So my plans for last week's livestock purchases fell through--the horses were already sold and the goats weren't disbudded (and let me tell you horned goats and a woven wire fence don't mix very well--we've had to cut a lot of fence to un-lodge stuck goats--so I made a vow to only buy hornless ones from now on). Oh well, I'm figuring there will be some more possibilities livestock-wise springing up in the coming weeks.
On another note--my rooster has officially turned mean--last week he attacked me for the first time, and now he's relentless. I've had lots of roosters in my life, but this one takes the cake. I raised him from a chick, but he's not tame at all. He's an all around bully--he's hard on his hens, and I won't stand for that. Plus, since we put the chicken-eating dog to sleep a while back, I'm hoping to let the poultry be loose this summer. I wouldn't blame Ace if he killed the rooster after he flogs him, so I'm keeping him out of the chicken coop until the rooster leaves. Ace has always done really well with the poultry, so I don't think we'll have any trouble sans-rooster. He crows constantly while we're outside to display dominance--it gets old in a hurry. And that's when he gets after his hens so hard too. My turkey poults are about 4 weeks old, and doing great. They are so sweet, and come right to you for attention.
My Flemish Giant is ready for a mate, so that's on my shopping list too (along with my goats, goslings, and ducklings, and a new well-broke horse).
I went up to my Grandpa's house on Tuesday, and I've got some photos of his lovely flowers that I'll post later.

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