Monday, October 4, 2010

Doesn't This Sound Amazing?

I downloaded the book A Self Supporting Home by Kate V. Saint Maur. She and her husband were city people who wanted the "Country Life," so in the early 1900s (the book was published in 1904) they rented a small farm and this is how she described it:

"...we eventually discovered a dear old house of nine rooms, two cellars, a summer kitchen, barn, chicken-house, cow shed, small smoke house, and twelve acres of land, five of which were covered with apple trees. Near the house were three pear trees, four peach, three quinces, two plum trees, and about half an acre divided between strawberry plants, blackberry and raspberry bushes. It was the haven of our imagination and could be leased for three years at $180 a year."

How amazing would that be? A time machine would be pretty amazing about now. I'm excited for the rest of the book.

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