Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My First Yoga Session.

I got up at a little before five, and decided to try one of the sequences in the Yoga Journal I read yesterday (All images via Yoga Journal Magazine). The first pose was easy enough--I could feel the stretch, but it wasn't painful. It was a nice start to the sequence.
This on the other hand was ridiculous. My thighs wouldn't let me lie back even onto my elbows, so I sat awkwardly with my arms back behind me--it is definitely going to take awhile before I master this pose.

I have a spot in my back that isn't privy to me bending this way. I was okay for this pose, but when I went to go into pose #4 it was all I could do to make my back unlock--ha.

I lasted all of two seconds in this pose before I had to move on. I'm not sure my back will ever let me bend backward easily.

Pose 6 was another nice stretch without being too advanced for a beginner like me.

Believe it or not #7 wasn't a bad pose either. Albeit I didn't quite have the straddle that the girl in the photo did, but I pushed myself to a good stretch.

I couldn't bend very far in the #8 pose, but it was a nice relaxing pose.

Obviously this pose is my favorite. It was wonderful to lay there being aware of my body, but letting myself drift into a relaxing state.

So, my thoughts? I'm definitely feeling more energized today, and my limbs feel wonderful, so I'm looking forward to continuing my yoga-trek in the coming weeks. I recommend giving it a shot if you're thinking about trying it. I'm the kind of person that if I think something could be interesting I research the hell out of it, and then jump head first. You never know unless you try, right?

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