Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stormy Morning.

Yesterday was quite a morning for weather. The wind blew so hard and then the sky turned black and we had a quick storm with lots of rain. You want to know the best part about the storm? I'm proud to announce our house didn't have any indoor waterfalls for the first time in my five years living here! My old farmhouse is just about solid, and that makes me really happy. My husband is taking off the rest of the week from work to finish putting on siding, and then we get to focus on the inside. So maybe by this time next year I might have ceilings, walls, and a floor besides the subfloor (crazy thought I know). Yesterday was one of those creepy-sky mornings. Very ominous.

Anyway, with the non-drippy house, I got to daydreaming about having company over for big dinner parties and such. I don't want a single set of matching dishes though. I'm looking forward to building a collection of cookware and place settings from various auctions and on my gallivants. I got to looking at some of the vintage pieces for sale on Etsy and it made me want to start my collection now something fierce. Harvest. Vintage Pyrex 402 Bowl from Kultur

Spring Blossom. Vintage Crazy Daisy Pyrex 402 Mixing Bowl from Kultur

I found so many neat plates, glasses, and bowls just in the vintage section (not counting the thrown pottery in the handmade section). I was drooling pretty hard, but didn't buy anything...yet. I definitely marked lots down as favorites to use as reference someday. What do you think?


stickydaisy said...

Such a good idea to get variety of dishes to your dinner table. I know of the restaurant who uses various vintage dishes and cups. I fell in love with the idea.
ps> thank you for the mention about my etsy site. (stickydaisy)

Margie said...

I love the Vintage Crazy Daisy green bowl and the teal sundae glasses! But I'm guessing you already would have figured that out...so just be prepared when I come over for dinner you may mysteriously wind up missing some =)