Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog of Note: Leslie's Drawing a Day.

I came across Leslie Hawes' blog by accident a few days ago. She does something I never thought of doing, but it is really neat. She finds scenes on Google Maps Street View and uses them to inspire her art. Genius!

Below is a Brown Swiss cow along an Italian roadside that caught her eye.

And this is the artwork that was inspired by the image. Absolutely beautiful.

It was very inspirational to look at the images she created and the scene that she worked off of. So that's why she's this week's Blog of Note. Have a great weekend everybody. I'm going to the auction barn tonight (which I've not gotten to do since around last October), so I'm a very happy girl!!

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Leslie Hawes said...

What a delight to find this blog post! Absolutely made my day!
I cannot take credit for the genius idea of using Google Maps Street View.
Bill Guffey's "Virtual Paintout" blog,
is the originator of the concept.

I just became totally addicted to the process of finding subjects on Street View, and have made it part of my "Drawing a Day" project and blog.
Wish I had thought of it , though. It is too, too clever.

The Virtual Paintout is open to all artists to participate, so if you want to give it a try, please do so.

And don't you just love that cow? I couldn't resist her!