Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Silly Rabbits.

Photo of the doe last fall ready to chew me up.

I was feeding this morning and behind my feed bins something was crawling up from under a board. It was too big to be a mouse, so I was beginning to worry it was a rat. Low and behold it was one of my rabbit kits. The poor dear's eyes aren't even open yet, and already he's went on quite the adventure. He somehow got up on the lip of the kindling box and then shimmied his way through the cage wire. Then he would've fallen about a foot to the tabletop, and then another two to three feet to the floor after that. He's just lucky that I happened to see him, and that the barn-cats didn't find him first. Unbelievable. So, now he's tucked back in with his eight other siblings safe and sound and I've rigged up some cardboard and a bungie strap to keep it from happening again. Never a dull moment.

My husband has taken the next few days off to work on our backporch. Joe is down for a nap, but you can tell she's been raised in a house that's under renovation. The kid can sleep through ANYTHING. My husband will be sawing, hammering, etc, and Joelee won't even stir. Crazily sound sleeper. Sometimes it sounds as if the whole house is coming down, but even still she doesn't seem to be phased. Glad I don't have to try and sleep through it because I know I wouldn't be as relaxed as she is.

I've been scanning more negatives while Joe sleeps. I've got lots of editing to do, and hopefully I'll have another nice batch of new Etsy listings to share.

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