Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Baby Goats.

Yep, that's my little girl. I asked her to 'pose' and this is the face/body positioning she gave me. What a comedian. She's the best farmhand a mom could ask for. She loves her new puppy, and the baby goats are pretty neat too. Her favorite jungle gym at the moment is the mare when she sticks her head through the slats in the barn at the feed manger. It's pretty cute. She ducks under her neck and stomps down the length of the feed floor, turns around and does the same thing. She also hugs and loves on the horse's big old head like the biggest teddybear you've ever seen.These girls were born Tuesday morning. They are LaMancha/Boer cross. So far they are doing great, and they are adorable. They've got tiny little ears that add to the cuteness.
So, now I don't have to walk down to the barn at all hours of the night checking on the goats. Since I just had the two pregnant does, my kidding season is over. Next year I'll have five does to kid, so I imagine it will be lots of sleepless nights again.

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